Infomail statistics


With Infomail you can access aggregate and detailed statistics.

Immediately you will see email statistics:
All emails sent. The data may be different from the total data of the List.
If you have had bounces in past mailings, these boxes will be counted in the list, but we will not send the newsletter.

Here Find the emails that have been opened.

You will find here the number of clicks.

Bounces are delivery errors. It means that Infomail sent the newsletter correctly, but the server of the receiving box has, for some reason, rejected the communication.
Among the main reasons are nonexistent recipient, mailbox full, and other causes.

Shows the number of deenrolled in the list.





Clicking on Open Report will give you access to more data, including Total Opens and Unique Opens and Total Clicks and Unique Clicks.
Delivered are calculated as the difference between “Sent” and “Bounce.”



By clicking on the button at the top right “Download detailes as CSV” you can receive by email the Excel file with the detail by individual email of opens, clicks and error messages.




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