What is Teriyaki AI and what is it used for?

Teriyaki AI can be used to write newsletters efficiently and quickly. However, it is important to note that Teriyaki AI is an artificial language model and may not be able to produce highly personalized or creative content like a human copywriter.

Here are some ways in which Teriyaki AI can help you write a newsletter:

  1. Idea generation: Teriyaki AI can suggest topics for the newsletter based on keywords or indications provided by the newsletter creator. For example, if the theme of the newsletter is fitness, Teriyaki AI can suggest related topics such as “10 exercises to lose weight quickly” or “The benefits of cardio for heart health.”
  2. Content creation: Teriyaki AI can generate written content based on the information provided by the newsletter creator. For example, if the newsletter creator has provided a list of products to review, Teriyaki AI can create detailed descriptions and reviews for each product.
  3. Spelling and grammar check: Teriyaki AI is capable of checking the spelling and grammar of the newsletter text to ensure that it is correct and professional.
  4. Translation into other languages: Teriyaki AI can translate or create content in 52 foreign languages.
  5. Message personalization: Teriyaki AI can help personalize newsletter messages using the recipient’s name or other demographic data. For example, Teriyaki AI can generate a personalized welcome message that uses the recipient’s name.
  6. Marketing strategy development: Teriyaki AI can help develop marketing strategies for the newsletter based on the information provided by the creator. For example, Teriyaki AI can suggest ideas to increase newsletter subscriptions or to improve the effectiveness of call-to-action messages.


Here are some instructions on how to make the most of Teriyaki AI:

You can access Teriyaki AI from the top menu of the Infomail platform or by clicking on the button at the top inside the Infomail editor.

  1. Write your question or message in the input field on the Teriyaki AI page.
  2. Make sure to formulate your question clearly and concisely. This will help Teriyaki AI provide you with an accurate and relevant answer.
  3. If Teriyaki AI’s answer doesn’t completely satisfy your question or if you need further information, try reformulating your question differently or adding details to make your request more specific.
  4. If you are satisfied with the answer, you can copy the text and paste it into the text block of the editor.



Some considerations:

  1. Remember that Teriyaki AI is an artificial language model and does not have the ability to fully understand context or human intentions. As a result, Teriyaki AI’s answer may not always be perfect or satisfying.
  2. Do not use Teriyaki AI for medical or health information. Teriyaki AI is not able to provide reliable and accurate medical advice, so we recommend that you consult a qualified doctor for medical information.
  3. Do not use Teriyaki AI for emergency or crisis situations. In case of emergency or immediate need for assistance, please immediately contact local emergency services.
  4. Remember that Teriyaki AI is a machine and does not have emotions or feelings. Please do not use offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate language when interacting with Teriyaki AI.
  5. You have a number of words generated by AI available depending on your plan. Check your remaining AI words from the Profile section> My Plan > under “Remaining AI Words”.
    Credits are translated into tokens, so there may not be an exact correspondence between the count of tokens used and the remaining words.
We hope these instructions help you make the most of Teriyaki AI. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, or to give us feedback on the service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Infomail is not responsible for the content in any way. Please read the Terms and Conditions for using the service for more information.