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Do you need your questions answered? Find out if anyone else has had the same concern as you, check out the following FAQs broken down into the most common job categories.

General and business information

Privacy and legal notes

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General and business information

Can I try Infomail and understand how it works?

Absolutely: as soon as you complete the registration, you will get 500 free credits, to try Infomail and send your newsletters.

What is meant by recipients

Recipients are the emails of your communications, i.e., the email addresses you have uploaded to your lists.Infomail's subscription plans are determined by the number of addresses uploaded to your lists. If the same recipient is in more than one list, it will be counted as many times as there are duplicates.

Do I have to enter a credit card to register?

No, no credit card is needed: signing up is super easy, just provide your business email and the name of your business, you can then create your first email.

Is there a contract to sign up to activate Infomail?

When creating your account, you agree to our terms and conditions and privacypolicy, and sign the deed of appointment as data controller. There is no obligation to purchase or select a paid plan.

How can I pay? Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

Infomail accepts both credit card and wire transfer payments: the latter option is available only for payment of prepaid credits and annual subscriptions. Subscription starts on the day of payment and is renewed on the same day of the next period: for example, if you purchase a monthly subscription on April 18, it will automatically renew on May 18. Payment is made at the beginning of the period. Prepaid plan is invoiced at time of purchase. All invoices are available right in your account.

What happens if I change my mind? Can I cancel my subscription?

If for some reason you decide to stop using Infomail, please email assistenza@infomail.it: we will stop any automatic renewal of your subscription and give you support in managing your archived data.

How much does Infomail cost and how can I purchase the service?

Register for the free trial; on your profile page you can proceed to purchase your solution according to your needs. You can choose to purchase a subscription or a pay as you go plan. If you choose the Subscription plan, you will have unlimited mailings each month, paying only according to the number of recipients you have uploaded to your lists. You can buy a pay as you go solution, you can purchase credit packages: each credit corresponds to an email you can send. You can choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer. In this case, send the bill of the operation to the assistenza@infomail.it for the subscription you last purchased.

Are there any activation or support fees?

There are no setup, activation or support costs. You can choose to pay only for the mailings you make or purchase a subscription for unlimited monthly mailings, depending on the recipients on your lists. support is always included in the cost of the service, there is no additional charge for support.

Privacy e legal notes

What is the GDPR? What does Infomail do to comply with the regulation?

GDPR has changed the rules related to privacy and the public's attitude toward the management of personal data. That is why we have written a page dedicated to the insights of the case. Infomail allows you to request subscriptions to your lists using the double opt-in formula, whereby a user who subscribes to your newsletters receives an e-mail message to which he or she must compulsorily reply. Its consent is guaranteed by the fact that it responds to the email sent in an intentional, transparent and conscious manner, ensuring the highest possible quality for your communications.

What policy on the processing of personal data does Infomail adopt?

Personal data management is critical. Per questo abbiamo descritto le modalità di trattamento all’interno del nostro documento Informativa sulla privacy. This is a very important page, which we have tried to make explicit and very understandable, in line with what the GDPR requires. To become a user of Infomail, it is mandatory to explicitly take notice of it through acceptance of the expressed conditions.

What is meant by the term spam

Spam is an unwanted e-mail message, usually sent without prior request. It can be sent by companies or individuals, with the most dissimilar contents. Spam is a crime because it is against the Privacy Act. Infomail, like others in the industry, is actively engaged in combating spam and implements tight control policies to prevent the use of its technology by malicious parties. To learn more about privacy issues.

Where can addresses to use in an email marketing campaign come from?

Email addresses to be used for email marketing campaigns can be collected directly by the company by requesting them from current and potential customers, usually on its own site through sign-up forms (forms), or through special direct marketing campaigns and on social media. According to the GDPR, you must be sure to respect the recipient's wishes by having recorded in your systems his or her explicit consent to be contacted through an email marketing service such as Infomail.

List and contact management

How do I acquire new addresses?

In order to acquire new addresses, it is crucial to include a newsletter registration or subscription form on your website, explicitly stating the type of processing that will be done with the collected data. Infomail automatically generates a configurable form or for each list created. As soon as a user fills out the form, his or her information is placed within the list associated with it.

Can I edit the registration form and customize it with more fields?

Of course! It is possible to edit the entry form by entering new fields, choosing how to enter data (free text, drop-down menu, single choice, multiple choice), and deciding whether or not to make them mandatory. Since the form is in html, you can also insert your own logo and change the background color, making it completely similar to the style of your own website.

What happens if a user requests deletion from a list?

Users who ask to delete their email address from a list and confirm their action are blocked by the system. Therefore, it will not be possible to forward other communications to those addresses. Contacting customer service will enable those who decide to receive communications again to be rehabilitated.

What is a csv file?

A CSV ("Comma Separated Value" or "delimited by list separator") file is a text file in which fields have a punctuation mark, usually comma (,) or semicolon (;), as a separator. Both Excel and Google Sheets allow you to create or import files of this format type.

Creating an email

Do Infomail templates look good on smartphones?

Infomail templates are displayed correctly on all devices and tested on the most popular email clients. Each template is easily adaptable to your needs in just a few clicks: with templates you have templates designed with neutral images and backgrounds, designed specifically to be repurposed.

What computer skills are needed? Do I need to be tech savvy?

Infomail offers intuitive tools that allow you to create effective, professional newsletters and better manage your lists and contacts. And if you have any difficulties, you can consult our Email Marketing Guide and FAQ section, or contact our support by phone, email or chat.

Can I customize the communication by having the recipients' first and last names appear automatically?

To have users display their first and last names in the communication they receive, you must act in the email editor and click the "Merge tag" button at the point of interest. Click on "First Name" to enter the user's first name and "Last Name" to enter the last name. A placeholder will be entered, which will be replaced with the corresponding data when shipped.

Is it possible to change the preset graphic templates?

Certainly. All graphic templates uploaded to Infomail can be fully modified. You can select the one that best suits your needs and proceed with editing tasks: changing the text, its size and color, inserting your images and resizing them as desired, changing the background color. The templates are fully editable.

Can I attach a file? How to do this?

You can attach files as a link inserted in the email. First you need to upload the attachment to the platform by selecting the "Attachments" menu item. To insert it within the communication, you must link it to an image or text file by inserting a link, copied from the file once it is uploaded.

Send an email and check the results

Are the emails sent right away? Can I send out newsletters immediately?

Of course: Infomail sends your communications immediately, unless you choose to schedule the mailing for a specific time.

Can I insert a new sender and email address for my shipment?

Of course: you can add a new sender Personal data, you can create a new sender and a new email address to be chosen at the time of shipment. This allows you to send as Mario Rossi even if the sender of the account is Andrea Verdi. A verification code will be sent to the new address, which must be entered on the system to enable its use. The choice of sender is made from the drop-down menu at the time of mailing.

Can I check what the errors were in the shipment?

On the statistics preview page, the number of emails that did not reach their destination is reported. Clicking on this figure takes you to the page that reports, in detail, what errors caused the shipment to fail. In most cases, these are nonexistent users. Addresses that are found to be incorrect will be blocked by the platform, thus preventing a repeat submission on them.

Can I identify which users click on the inserted links?

On the statistics summary page of a submission, you can view the number of individual and total clicks made on the links included in the communication. To view which users clicked on the links and how many times they did so, simply download the detailed statistics in CSV format by clicking on the appropriate button in the upper right corner.

Can I identify which users open the communication?

On the statistics summary page of a mailing, you can view the number of mailings, receptions, and openings. To view the number of openings for each user, simply download the detailed statistics in CSV format by clicking on the appropriate button in the upper right corner.