Infomail prices, the easy and effective email marketing platform.

Attivazione gratuita istantanea, senza carta di credito. Subito 500 invii per provare.
With Infomail everything is clear, without are activation costs or surprises: choose the subscription or the pay as you go plan that best suited for you. For any other needs, please contact the sales team.

Pay as you go

The Pay as you go plan allows you to purchase packages for sending emails, answering your needs with maximum flexibility. If, for example, you only need to send at specific times of the year, this is the perfect plan for you. You will have all the Infomail features, without any subscription constraints.
All prices are without VAT.
  • Support included
  • Expiration of credits: 12 months
  • No list limit or number of contacts
  • GDPR compliant
  • Template library available
  • Advanced drag&drop Email Editor


Infomail Subscription provides a fee based on the number of email addresses in the your lists. The subscription allows you to send unlimited emails to all addresses uploaded to your account.
All prices are without VAT.
  • Fee based on the number of email addresses uploaded to the platform, with no sending limits
  • Automatically renewing subscription, monthly or yearly
  • Support included
  • GDPR compliant
  • Template library available
  • Advanced drag&drop Email Editor

Do you have specific needs?

Do you need to manage high-volume campaigns? You need to integrate a platform of email marketing with an ecommerce or CRM? Contact the sales team .

Frequently asked questions about Infomail activation

Can I try Infomail and understand how it works?

Absolutely: as soon as you complete the registration, you will get 500 free mailings, to try Infomail and send your newsletters.

What is meant by recipients

Addresses are defined as the recipients of your communications, i.e., the e-mail addresses you have added to your lists: Infomail's subscription plans are determined by the number of addresses uploaded to your lists. If the same address is present in more than one list, it will be counted as many times how many duplicates there are.

Do I have to enter a credit card to register?

No, you don't have to insert your credit card data: registering is very easy, just provide your email address and the name of your business, then you can create your first email.

Is there a contract to sign up to activate Infomail?

When you create your account, you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, and you sign the deed of appointment as data processor. There is no obligation to purchase or select a paid plan.

How can I pay? Is it possible to pay by bank transfer?

Infomail accepts both credit card and bank transfer payments: this last option is available only for payment of Pay as you go credits and annual subscriptions. Subscription starts the day of payment and is renewed on the same day of the next period: for example, if you buy a monthly subscription on April 18, it will be automatically renewed on May 18. Payment is due at the start of each period. Prepaid plan is invoiced at time of purchase. Tutte le fatture sono disponibili direttamente sul tuo account.

What happens if I change my mind? Can I cancel my subscription?

If for some reason you decide to stop using Infomail, write an email to we will stop the automatic renewal of the subscription and give you support to manage your archived data.

How much does Infomail cost and how can I purchase the service?

On your profile page you can proceed to purchase. You can choose to purchase a Subscription plan or a Pay as you go solution. If you choose Subscription, you will have unlimited sendings every month, paying only for the number of recipients you have uploaded in your lists. If you prefer a pay per use solution, you can buy a Pay as you go plan: each credit corresponds to an email that you will send. Credits expire annually. A new purchase is sufficient to reactivate them. You can choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer: in the latter case, send the copy of the bank transfer to assistenza@infomail.itto activate the credits or the subscription you have purchased. Bank transfer is not available for monthly subscriptions.

Are there any activation or support fees?

There are no setup, activation or support costs. You can choose to pay only your plan. Support is always included in the cost of the service, there is no additional charge for assistance.

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